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Discover how you can look younger for longer and sooner.

Do you find it a challenge to understand the complexities of skin care?

Are you struggling to decipher what is the best solution to your skin concerns –  the different ingredients,  the multitude of skin care treatments and the latest “miracle cream” all seem to shout the same message “We’ll make you look  younger”.

But will they?

I feel your pain!  Because your skin journey is my skin journey.

The path to healthy, younger looking skin can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive.

But it doesn’t have to be.

That’s why your Brenwood team have done the hard work for you, our Ultra Skin Experts are highly trained and dedicated skin junkies. They are continuously updating their knowledge and skills to ensure you receive the most effective treatments and skin care ingredients.

As the owner of Brenwood, I am continuously sourcing the most effective non-surgical, least invasive and cost effective treatment programs and active skincare ingredients that give you real visible results – so you can look younger, for longer and sooner.

We are here to help and guide you through your skin journey.

Beth Henshaw


Some things must end!
And our IPL special offers will end soon.
So, if you are ready to say……
👋Sayonara shaving!
👋Au Revoir razor
👋Auf wiedersehen waxing👋
👉Then  IPL permanent hair removal is your answer!

As well, IPL helps solve these common concerns…
👌 Ingrown hairs
👌 Hasty and messy shaving hacks
👌 Painful waxing sessions
Now is the time to flick the BiC and never have to worry about shaving again!
For a limited time SAVE 💲💲💲 on IPL treatments for a range of areas.
This offer MUST end 31 January 


Are you suitable for permanent hair removal?

Not everyone can have Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Treatments.

Find out if you are suitable at our IPL Q and A .

Are you ready to take the challenge?

The challenge…

To Look Younger for Longer and Sooner?

Without invasive injectables…

Or expensive and painful procedures…

We offer a range of treatments that can help

  • Reverse
  • Reapair
  • Restore

Healthy and vibrant skin with no downtime and provide great value for money.