#11 Using soap to clean your face? Then your skin is going to look like crap….

//#11 Using soap to clean your face? Then your skin is going to look like crap….

Yes, soap is the last thing you should be using on your face – sure, use it for your smelly bits but if your using soap on your face – your skin is going to look like crap.


Well, most soaps are alkaline and our skin is acidic – to get technical your skin’s natural pH is around 5.5.  (In fact, our skin is protected by a thin layer called the acid mantle.)

As soap’s pH ranges from 8-10, and this instantly strips the skin of its natural moisture instantly sending your protective acid mantle into a tailspin.

The result – dry, flaky reddened skin- possible the worst thing for your skin’s long-term health and appearance. Your skins natural moisturisers are a rich cocktail …

  • Glycerides
  • Free fatty acids
  • Wax esters
  • Squalene
  • Cholesterol esters
  • Cholesterol

And soap instantly removes all these lovely lipids that nourish and hydrate your skin

Then what should I use?

The best place to start is finding the best cleanser for your skin type. And one that your skin is going to love. It might be considered ‘basic’ however the right cleanser is really anything but.

Let’s start with the WHY…

Why we cleanse…

Cleansing helps hit so many great skin goals like taking off makeup, lightly exfoliating surface dead skin cells, removes the excessive build-up of pollution, oil, and sweat, maintaining pore size, helping treatment products work properly, and importantly, removing bacteria.

Using the correct cleanser for your skin type helps normalize your skin Natural Moisturising Factor and reduces Trans Epidermal Water Loss (this is what soap disrupts).

I recommend cleansing morning and night – however, end of the day cleansing is a non-negotiable. Cleansing at night keeps your skin in optimal health and prepares your skin for your active ingredients.

BUT, why are there so many types of Cleansers?

While no two skins are created equal we can group skin into broader types that help you best decide what will suit your skin type.

Cleansers most suitable for using on your face can be grouped as Foaming, Gel and Milk.

Foaming cleansers are best suited for oilier skin types – this work well for acneic skin.

Gel Cleanser is great for combination skins – these gentle cleansers are also great for men to use as a shaving medium.

Milk Cleansers are more suited to dry or sensitised skins.

Cleanser work to dissolve the dirt and debris of the day.  And, with all cleanser,s I recommend removing with a disposable cloth or clean washer.  This guarantees all traces of makeup, dirt, pollution and your cleanser are removed. Your skin is now ready for the next step – your active ingredients.

Unsure of what cleanser your skin needs? Why not call us for your Complimentary Skin Health Check and stop your skin looking like crap.