#7 Do I really need an exfoliant?

//#7 Do I really need an exfoliant?

Well, do you…

  • Want smoother brighter skin?
  • Want to get your skin glowing again?
  • Want to reduce breakout?
  • Want to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles?


Then you need to consider the dynamic duo of skin ingredients – Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs).

These leave on liquid exfoliants should be the cornerstone of your skincare program.


Young, healthy skin sheds build-up dead skin each day but as we age and with the added day to day exposure to sun and pollution this natural ability to exfoliate becomes faulty.

But I use a facial scrub!

Exfoliants work differently to mechanical scrubs and some scrubs can cause more harm than good. Hard beaded scrubs can too harsh and can cause micro-tears in your skin that can aggravate your skin.

Then why exfoliate?

We need to give our skin a helping hand!

The build-up of dead skin cells causes, dry skin, dullness, clogged pores, breakouts and more!

A leave-on liquid exfoliant is skin softening! It gently removes the build-up of dead skin to reveal clearer, smoother brighter looking skin. These leave on liquid exfoliants gently and naturally exfoliate your skin virtually sweeping away the signs of ageing, sun damage and breakout.

And once that build-up of dead skin cells is removed your other active ingredients are going to work a whole lot better!

So, what should I use?

There are two categories of Hydroxy Acids…

  1. AHAs (Citric & Lactic Acid) exfoliate the skin by softening the skin’s intercellular bonds that bind dead cells together within the compact layer of the skin.  They are preferred for dry skin as they improve moisture content for extra smoothness.
  2. BHA (Salicylic Acid) work to dissolve dead skin cells, clarify the complexion and decongest skin on the surface and are best for oily skins and are great for Acneic skin.

These brilliant ingredients retexture the surface of the skin by removing built-up, thickened layers of dead skin, which are caused primarily by unprotected sun exposure.

This type of exfoliation (plus never using harsh scrubs or cleansing brushes) in your skincare routine can produce phenomenal anti-ageing results (often overnight), as well as unclog pores and promote a more even skin tone.