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Coming SOON to the Macleay Valley…

Brenwood Skin Renewal Centre is moving to the Kempsey area.

With over 18 years of experience helping people look younger for longer and sooner in Newcastle, Brenwood is coming to the Macleay Valley to At Brenwood Skin Renewal Centre.

We believe in beautiful, healthy, strong skin… for life.

We don’t believe in a blanket approach to skincare. Much like fingerprints, everyone has different skin.

That is why we aim to inspire effective skincare solutions to ensure you look younger for longer and sooner through customised bespoke treatments and results-driven skincare products.

Our complete collection high performance treatment modalities work together to provide results and help…

  • Reduce visible signs of premature ageing
  • Repair Impaired Compromised Skin
  • Restore your natural skin barrier and
  • Finally, prevent your skin from further premature ageing.

Our team is here to curate an innovative skin health prescription to maximise your results with a combination of in-clinic treatments and targeted homecare.

Nobody ever said “I want to look 20 years older than I am “

However, a recent study by Monash University* found Australian women looked 20 years older than the counterparts in the rest of the world.

So, if you’d rather be mistaken as your granddaughter’s Mother you only need to take 4 easy steps to start your journey to healthy, younger looking skin for longer.

Our award-winning effective skin care solutions ensure you look younger for longer and sooner through customised bespoke treatments and results driven skin care products.

Your four-step program begins with

  1. Full Skin analysis using a Dermograph Imaging system accurately identify your underlying skin problems
  2. Start a targeted skincare program that helps restore your skin’s natural lipid barrier (this is what keeps your skin moist and supple)
  3. Gradually introduce active skincare ingredients that reduce and repair the visible signs of skin damage
  4. Prevent further premature ageing with lifelong skin care strategies

You are not alone – nobody really wants to look 20 years older and we are here to help you look your very best without the need for injections, fillers or surgery.

Simply organise your Complete Skin Consult today.

Your consultation takes about 60 minutes – we never rush you and involves a full skin analysis, express Skin Facial, comprehensive homecare plan and full skincare prescription. The cost is $75, however this redeemable when you purchase two or more skin care products (conditions apply).