Are you slowly destroying your eye lashes?

//Are you slowly destroying your eye lashes?

Are you using your face cleanser to remove your eye makeup?

Or even worse, not at all?

Big Mistake!

You could be slowly reducing the length and strength or your eyelashes (not to mention increasing wrinkles) if you use your everyday facial cleanser to remove eye makeup.

Do your eyes and eyelashes a really, really big favour – here are THREE great reasons to use a specialized eye makeup remover correctly every night.

  1. It’s a no brainer!

Removing eye makeup may seem like a no-brainer step in your skincare routine, but doing it the wrong way (or worse, not at all) can lead to puffy eyes, more noticeable wrinkles, sagging skin, and other issues—YUK!.

I am addicted to using Ultra Soothing Eye Makeup Remover to remove my eye makeup and cleanse my eye area every.


Because it works in two ways…

  1. First, a special oil-phase dissolves all types of mascara (including waterproof) and eye make-up in just seconds!
  2. A conditioning-phase then rinses away any residue whilst gently nourishing and soothing the eye area. Leaving the eye area perfectly cleansed and hydrated.


Moisten two cotton pads with the eye makeup remover and gently pat on your eyes – leave for about 30 seconds (it needs time to work) then slowly wipe away.

You need to avoid any pulling, rubbing and stretching of skin as this leads to sagging and more wrinkles down the road—the more you can avoid that, the better off you are. 

For waterproof mascara, you may need to do twice. For any residual makeup left on the lower lashes

  1. Leaving eye makeup on increases wrinkles.

If left on the area, residual makeup and the day’s remnants of dirt and pollution, are a magnet for scavenging free radicals – a major factor in the breakdown in collagen and elastin – the stuff that keeps our skin smooth and plump and when healthy stops wrinkles appearing.

As the skin around this area is already thinner, finer and with fewer oil glands, exposing it to further damage (not including all the other nasties such as UV and pollution) seems a little silly.

And really, makes using an eye cream designed to help with these concerns work less effectively – a bit like one step forward and three steps back. 

  1. It makes your eyelashes healthier!

Do you use a lash growth serum?

Love long lashes?

Then using the proper eye makeup remover is your lashes BFF.

Your lashes are conditioned by eye makeup remover as it contains no detergents to dry and make the eyelashes brittle. The jojoba formulation is not only effective in removing eye makeup but nourishes and conditions the lashes.

If any eye makeup is left on the lashes this makes your lash conditioner work harder as it needs to penetrate to the follicle.

Eyes and Eye Lashes require a little more TLC and the best way to start is with a gentle, detergent-free eye makeup remover that nourishes, conditions and hydrates the delicate skin around your eye area.