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Brenwood Skin Renewal Centre

Address: 34 Airport Road
Aldavilla NSW 2440

Clinic Hours

Your time is precious that is why all treatments are by appointment only. I am flexible with times so can accommodate your skin treatments need to your busy schedule.

Phone: 02 6562 8429

Email: mail@brenwoodskin.com.au

CoVid Status

This is a CoVid Safe clinic.
You must be double vaccinated to enter the clinic and will be required to show your proof of vaccination before your appointment

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Your Skin Transformation

Ideally, your skin treatment transformation progresses through various modalities and levels of intensity and strength over a 90-day period. Your program may include several modalities to target key concerns, offer real visible results and achieve long term success.

We can structure your program to suit your lifestyle, time constraints and budget.

Why 90 days?
Our skin cells turnover and exfoliates off naturally every 30 days. When we have skin concerns such as ageing, sun damage, acne, dry skin, these skin cells can turn over slower or faster than usual which isn’t ideal when the end goal is healthy, glowing skin.

The first 30 days of your 90-day skin journey is all about strengthening and repairing the skin. The goal is to prepare the cells for exfoliation and stimulating skin cell renewal. The second month or days 30-60 is for regenerating and reviving your skin.  The last 30 days of your journey is for optimising your results or maintaining that new healthy glow within your skin

Your Skin Program

Following your Complete Skin Consultation, your Skin Therapist will formulate a clinic program that complements your homecare skin program. Your skin transformation may progress through levels of treatment options.