Do you know the ABC of the ABC of skin care?

//Do you know the ABC of the ABC of skin care?

When do I use my Vitamin A?

Do I use my Vitamin B in the morning?

Do I put my Vitamin C over my sunscreen?

Yes, it can be confusing and while they’re multiple influencers out there with extensive and complicated skincare routines there’s a very simple way to use and apply your skincare products.

And yes, the order of product application has a direct effect on how your skincare works.

If you want maximum results with the minimum of fuss there are few simple rules to follow to keep your skin happy and healthy!

The simplest … your skincare layers go from lightest to heaviest so…

Your routine should look like this…

Morning 🌞


Tonic (helps restore pH, rehydrates your skin, and assists absorption of your serums)

Serums eg Vitamin C, Alpha, and Beta Hydroxy Acids, Antioxidants

Eye Cream

SPF 30+ or greater (always allow a few minutes for your sunscreen to set before applying foundation).


Cleanse x 2 – always in the evening especially if you are wearing makeup.


Serums eg Vitamin A and B

Eye Cream



✅ Your morning routine is all about protection – protecting your skin from damaging nasties waiting to attack your skin – UV exposure, pollution, micro particulates, drying A/C, etc. This why you should use ingredients designed to protect and repel skin ageing environmental – Vitamins, Antioxidants and Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, Pigment Inhibitors.

✅   Your night routine is when your skin goes into repair mode. Your Moisturisers act as “lock-in” ingredients- trap moisture and repair your skin barrier.

A simple homecare routine with quality active ingredients is going to help you achieve real visible results.

The key is always consistency – this is your routine – twice a day, 365 days per year. And you’ll continue to look younger for longer and sooner!