Looking a little cactus?

//Looking a little cactus?

This winter you can be forgiven for letting things go when it comes to hair removal.

Boots, thick tights, and pants can disguise what lies beneath; this is not the best way to treat your hair.

But did you know winter is the best time to start your permanent hair reduction program?

Whether it’s Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Laser and/or Electrolysis there are few things to consider before starting your treatments.

These are the three points I consider critical…

Hair colour…

Ideally, your hair colour should be dark. Lighter hair can be treated (IPL combined with Radio Frequency is effective in treating red and dark blonde) however may need more treatments.

Hair Growth Cycle

Do you go into hibernation (or hairbenation) mode when the cooler weather approaches? Only to re-emerge in Spring a little more hirsute.


If you want to permanently reduce your hair or the time between treatments, then regular treatments are needed. This means you need to synchronise your hair removal treatment to the same stage of hair growth – the Anagen stage.

Anagen is when your hair is actively growing; the hair is feed by blood vessels via the Dermal Papilla. We aim to denature the dermal papilla by applying a traumatic event, whether it is waxing, sugaring, electrolysis or intense pulsed light (IPL)

The more dynamic the treatment, the more likely the hair follicle is destroyed. IPL and Electrolysis use heat to achieve this and sugaring with its smaller molecular structure can also damage the hair follicle. To maximise the success of any hair removal is to synchronize the stages of hair growth so the hairs are regenerated on roughly the same cycle.

Therefore, over time, if you are consistent with your treatments, you will have longer periods of smoothness and great chances of permanent hair reduction.

I recommend either fortnightly or monthly depending on your hair type. By maintaining regular treatments means all the hair will have the chance to be removed to end up at the Anagen cycle. Once this is accomplished, regular monthly is essential to be maintained and summer hair removal will be a breeze.

Skin Colour

Embrace your pale!  Intense Pulsed Light works best on pale skin. The darker the skin, either naturally or fake, effects your IPL treatment.

You see the light used to treat your hair will always be attracted to the first point of colour. So tanned skin distracts the light from its preferred point of contact – your hair.

Dark skin means you are either unsuitable for treatment or treatment settings need to be reduced to reduce the risk of an adverse reaction.

Permanent Hair Reduction makes life so much easier! No more messy shaving, no more painful waxing, no more time-wasting!

Make permanent hair reduction your winter project and be ready for a hair carefree summer!

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