5 Ways Men Age Differently to Women

//5 Ways Men Age Differently to Women

Does men’s skin age differently to women?

Well, yes it does…

Up until puberty male and female skin is similar. It’s when the avalanche of hormones hit do we see significant differences in men’s skin.

And here’s why…

After puberty, skin starts to change both structurally and chemically due to our sex hormones. That’s why a teenager boy’s acne tends to more severe and lasts longer. (Testosterone rises during puberty causing to produce more sebum, a major factor in causing acne).

Men’s skin ages slower than women’s skin however they are more likely to suffer from skin cancer and sensitive skin.

So, why does men’s skin age slower than women’s?

There are 5 main differences between male and female skin.

  1. Facial Hair:

Beards are men’s best friend. As men have more facial hair than women this allows their skin to age slower. Yes, the ability to grow a beard has its perks. Those hair follicles give men’s skin structure and help keep it wrinkle-free. It also provides permanent sun protection!

As well, shaving regularly exfoliates your face. However, using a soap-based shaving gel can increase skin sensitivity. Soap dries skin out and can change your skins natural moisturising function. Try using a gel-based cleanser as this will give your razor slip without stripping the skin of its natural moisturisers.

Ditch the aftershave as many contain alcohol which will dry and irritate the skin even more. Always finish with a hydrating serum or lotion and an SPF 30+ or greater to rehydrate and protect your skin.

  1. Sebaceous Glands:

Men’s skin is also different in the composition and production of sebum.

After puberty, sebum production is greater in males than in females (it’s those sex hormones again). Men are less prone to dry skin yet their higher oil production means that men are more susceptible to acne breakouts and scarring.

After the age of 50, oil secretions in male skin tend to slow down. This makes men’s skin closer to women’s skin in the degree of oiliness therefore a hydration boost is needed to reduce dryness and sensitivity.

When treating acne in young men it is essential they reduce the risk of scarring early intervention with a good skincare regime helps “decongest” blocked pores. Products with Beta Hydroxy Acids are ideal as it is able “unglue” congested skin and reduce the chances of further breakout.

  1. Skin Thickness:

The texture of a man’s skin is very different to a woman’s. Men’s skin is rougher, and the stratum corneum is thicker. In fact, is on average 20% thicker than women’s and produces more collagen. The rate of collagen loss is the same for men and women. Collagen keeps our skin plump and firm but can be depleted through exposure to sun, pollution and cigarette smoking.

However, women start off with thinner skin to begin with, so their collagen loss is larger and more noticeable.

  1. Fragile Skin:

Generally, men’s skin is more fragile than women’s skin. Why? Often, it’s simple neglect!

Using soap-based products, alcohol-based lotions, avoiding using sunscreen and not using moisturisers makes men’s skin more fragile.   This is seen as flaking, red and “angry” looking skin. To help restore the skins’ natural hydrophilic layer (moisture-loving) simply introduce a hydrating moisturiser and a serum rich in Hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and panthenol.

  1. Skin Cancer:

Men have a higher incidence of all forms of skin cancer. It is estimated the number of new cases of Melanoma deaths 2018 will be 14,320 =  8,653 males + Female  5,667 females.[i]

Melanoma is the most common cancer in young Australians (15–39-year olds) making up 20% of all their cancer cases. [ii]

If you use no other type of skincare, you must use a Broad Spectrum SPF30+ every day – it might just save your life.

Can Men and Women Use the Same Skincare Products?

Of course, they can!

Even though male and female skin is different in several ways, they do share many similarities, so the answer is YES, both can use the same products.

Men may avoid using women’s products due to their scent (which women should also avoid as this is one of the major causes of skin irritation). If you compare the ingredients in men and women skincare products, they both have the same active ingredients.

Male or female, a well-formulated homecare skincare program will help keep your skin looking younger for longer and sooner.


Want to find out which products are right for your skin type and concerns, male or female?

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