#15 Skin Needling – What’s the point?

//#15 Skin Needling – What’s the point?

Or the how, the why and who of the Collagen Induction Therapy…

There are various names for this exceptional skin rejuvenation treatment – dermal rolling, skin needling, collagen induction therapy…

However, regardless of the name, the technique used is the same.

You see your skin has the natural ability to heal itself. Anyone who has cut or grazed themselves would have seen this process. This is the result of the skin generating, or more accurately, regenerating the collagen and elastin cells which are the building blocks of healthy skin.


Not unlike an acupuncture treatment, medical-grade ultra-fine stainless steel needles penetrate the upper levels of your skin where they create a natural skin reaction as tiny electrical signals are released. This creates a biological change of events where essential minerals and proteins are discharged and new collagen and elastin fibres are regenerated.

Over time and with a course of treatments your skin is visibly revitalised, rejuvenated, replenished and regenerated. Because skin needling encourages inbuilt healing mechanisms, even old stretch marks and scars that may have been on the skin surface for a  long time will respond positively.

Is There Any Down Time?


You may have a slightly red face, any redness and inflammation will go down within 48 hours. We advise you to go makeup-free for 24 hours post-treatment, and wearing SPF 30 and avoiding sun exposure is a must while your skin is healing (this is will be ongoing if your results are to be longterm). As your skin continues to heal post-treatment, you may feel slightly dry and your skin may look a little lacklustre, but this will also gradually return to normal after 3-5 day

Does it hurt?

There’s a certain level of discomfort. We do not use a topical anaesthetic cream nor do we recommend it as we cannot guarantee the anaesthetic cream is not absorbed by your skin.

Your treatment includes a double cleanse and afterwards a cooling and healing Hylaruoncie Gel Mask.

Am I A Suitable Candidate For Skin Needling?

Almost all skin types are suitable candidates for skin needling, however, a consultation with the clinic is required beforehand to discuss any queries you might have, alongside your primary skin concerns.

Although this is a non-invasive treatment, factors such as pregnancy, recent anti-wrinkle or filler injections and certain skin issues such as Roaccutane can mean this may not be for you, so make sure to discuss any and all concerns first.

At Brenwood we offer in-clinic treatments and take-home skin rollers. This allows you to improve your results in the comfort of your own home.