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#8 Yearn for long, lush lashes but hate the thought of fake lashes?


There's been quite a bit of interest in EyEnvy - an eyelash conditioner that helps your lashes grow longer. Questions such as ... Does it work? (yes, it does) or Can I use with eyelash extensions? (yes, you can) I've been using for over 2 years now and in that time had 4 tubes (so it lasts a lllloooonnnggg time!). All your Q&A's are answered here. Oh, and it's $120.Q: How do I apply EyEnvy™? Firstly, ensure that the eyelid is clean. (The Ultra Soothing Eye Makeup Remover is ideal). Shake the ingredients in the bottle Remove the excess product from [...]

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Are you slowly destroying your eye lashes?


Are you using your face cleanser to remove your eye makeup? Or even worse, not at all? Big Mistake! You could be slowly reducing the length and strength or your eyelashes (not to mention increasing wrinkles) if you use your everyday facial cleanser to remove eye makeup. Do your eyes and eyelashes a really, really big favour - here are THREE great reasons to use a specialized eye makeup remover correctly every night. It’s a no brainer! Removing eye makeup may seem like a no-brainer step in your skincare routine, but doing it the wrong way (or worse, not at all) can lead to [...]

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#6 Do I Really Need Eye Cream?


There are many reasons why you may think you don’t need an eye cream… You may think your daily moisturiser will do the trick (it won’t), that skin is skin – the eye area is no different to the rest of my face (it is) and I get Botox so there’s no need (yes, there is). Let’s start with the skin around the eye area. Your eye area is one of the first areas to show signs of premature ageing (hello, Botox) – fine lines and wrinkles appear due to squinting and constant movement.  Plus, your skin is more fragile, [...]

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