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Why Brenwood Skin Renewal Centre?

At Brenwood Skin Renewal Centre we take skin care management and skin correction very seriously. So much so, we stock only one cosmeceutical skin care range for use in clinic and for you to use at home.

Here are ten reasons you should let Brenwood help you have younger skin for longer and sooner.

1. Customised Skin Care Program

Just like a finger print no two skins are the same. That is why before any skin care program is started we provide a Complete Skin Consultation after your consultation you are given both a comprehensive homecare plan and Skin Care prescription.

2. Advanced Skin Analysis

At Brenwood your Skin Consultation provides the missing ling in skin analysis with the use of Dermograph.

The Dermograph delves 2mm beneath the surface where problems are likely to begin thereby allowing us to provide solutions to help prevent potential problem from becoming worse.

3. Your Rewards

At Brenwood we believe in rewarding our clients when they come to use our services and invest in our skincare.

The Brenwood Club is a FREE rewards program for every  dollar spent earns you points. You’ll earn 5 Reward Points (1 Point = $1) for every $100 you spend on products and services.

Once you reach 50 reward points ($50) you can use your points on any full priced treatment.

And if you keep coming your points NEVER expire.

4. Continuous Monitoring

You progress is continuously monitored. We take photos and keep meticulous and thorough records of your treatments and skincare products.

5. Special Offers

At Brenwood we believe in treating our guests to special offers and events. You will always be the first to know of incredible offers and specials which results in great savings for you.

6. Referral Program

Your results are our best advertisement! And when you spread the word we reward you with a $50 gift voucher to use on any full priced treatment at Brenwood. The more new Brenwood guests you refer the more $50 gift vouchers you receive.

7. Sustainable Salons

At Brenwood have joined the war on waste.  As part of the Sustainable Salons movement and we are continuously reducing, recycling and reducing our waste products. We are always looking at ways to

8. Your Birthday

Are birthdays special?  At Brenwood they are! Every birthday you receive a $50 Gift Voucher to use on any full priced facial treatment.

9. Results NOT Fluff

At Brenwood we believe in results. Results come from a combination of meeting and exceeding our guests needs and guiding them to achieving their desired results with a combination of customised effective treatments and

10. Beauty Pay

Great skin does not need to be expensive. For less than a cup of coffee a day you can have your own customised skin care program using Beauty Pay.  Plans can be adapted to your budget and your skin care concerns.