Why Did It Take Me 9 Years To Really Get My Skin In Order?

//Why Did It Take Me 9 Years To Really Get My Skin In Order?

It’s confession time…

Believe it or not my skin  has not always looked this good!
And my skincare was, how can I say this – was a little hit and miss.
OK, I was SLACK!
And for a while life was a little complicated.

However, a tsunami of looming significant events made me re-examine my skin and I what needed to do look better than the picture below.

I needed results for…

2016 – My eldest daughter’s wedding

2016 – Turning 60

2017 – Getting engaged (yes, me!)

2018- My youngest daughter’s wedding

And later in 2018 – My Wedding!

Timing is everything.

So it was time to PLAN…

Early in 2016, in consultation with my senior therapist we took a critical look at EVERYTHING about my skin –

  • my concerns
  • my homecare
  • my clinic treatments.

So what did we change?
In the past my main concern was congestion (a serious history of acne) and I had largely ignored my pigmentation (which we discovered was pretty awful – check out my 2014 photo).
We both re-assessed my homecare –we increased my concentration of Vitamin A, ditched my Vitamin C and introduced a skin lightening and brightening serum and a AHA/BHA serum.
I increased my home exfoliation to twice a week and home masks at least once a week.

And here is my homecare plan…

My Home Care Regime
Brightening Foaming Cleanser Micellar Cleanser
Skin Mist Gel Cleanser
Brightening Serum/Even Skin  Tone (alternate days) Skin Mist
Protective Daily Antioxidant Vita A Concentrate
Moisturiser Eye Cream B2 Hydrating Serum
Twice weekly Exfoliation Moisturiser Cream
Twice weekly Replenishing and Energising Mask Vita A Eye Cream

While this looks intense it really own takes 5 minutes – honestly it takes me longer to clean and floss my teeth!

So what about clinic treatments?
This time my clinic treatments were to be targeted, timely and consistent rather than my previous ad hoc arrangements.
As always we went back to basics. Starting with some repairing skin workouts and LED (Light Emitting Diode) to get my skin in balance – hydrated, healthy and acclimatised for more advanced treatments.

The next step was a series of more advanced treatments including …

Power A-zyme – (my favourite) as this fast-acting, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment combines Retinol and Bromelain to refresh, hydrate and plump skin. (Four treatments)

Intense Pulsed Light -to reduce surface redness and pigmentation. (Four treatments over four months)

Radiance Plus Skin Workouts – this treatment helps brighten the skin and we used these paramedical treatments in conjunction with IPL to hit pigmentation both from a physical and chemical treatment. (Eight Treatments)

Microneedling – Microneedling creates a wound healing response which stimulates collagen, plumping out your skin and helping reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles, (Four Treatments)

Vita-Peel – This modified Jessner Peel targets a range of skin concerns including fine lines and pigmentation with high concentrations of Lactic and Citric Acid. (Two Treatments)

Did it happen overnight? No, of course not. I needed to make a decision – practice what I preach and getting my skin looking the best it possible can without Botox, fillers or surgery.

If you want to know how you can look younger for longer and sooner (give us 90 days) please call 49578493 for your complimentary skin consult or email us in the contact form below.

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