Your at home skin wintervention…

//Your at home skin wintervention…

Is your skin feeling a bit “winterish”? ❄❄❄
Cold winds, over heated rooms can suck the moisture out your skin.
Here’s a little home facial you can do to help increase hydration and give your skin a moisture boost. ✈✈✈
FIRST – Turn off phone📴📵 , computer💻 and kids 🧒🧒🧒(maybe not!)

Here’s what you’ll need…

Fibrella, Cotton Rounds, Cleanser, Skin Mist, Exfoliant, Replenishing Mask, Moisturiser, Eye Cream, B2 Serum

✅Start with warm water (not HOT).
✅ Dampen cotton rounds  with Soothing Eye Makeup Remover (leave on for about 30 seconds and gently work into your lashes- try not to drag across your eyes)
✅Using your preferred cleanser – add a small amount of water, mix and apply to your skin – with circular motions gently massage into your skin.
✅Remove with your disposable cleansing wipes or a clean washer (remember you need to physically remove your cleanser, makeup and the day’s accumulated detritus!)
✅And repeat.
✅With a tissue pat dry your skin.
✅Next apply a small amount of Dual Microfoliant or Gentle Exfoliating Gel  (I like to leave on my skin for about 30 seconds it gives the active a chance to get …Active😲😲😲)
✅With your rinsed washer/fibrella remove exfoliant
✅Pat dry skin with tissue
✅Lightly Spritz face with Skin Mist
✅Apply B2 Serum – wait approx 30 seconds
✅Then apply Replenishing Mask – I prefer this mask for this time of the year as it helps to relieve dry, distressed and dehydrated skin.
✅ Grab a ☕ or 🍷
✅ Or take a 🛀
✅Leave on for about 15 minutes – longer if you like! 💖💖💖
✅Remove with your freshly  rinsed washer/Fibrella
✅ Spritz again and apply Eye Cream🙄🙄
✅  B2 Serum
✅Finish with your preferred Moisturiser
And Viola! Your skin is beautifully hydrated and ready to take on the cold and windy weather!