#20 Your Expert Guide to OPEN PORES

//#20 Your Expert Guide to OPEN PORES

Did you know one of the top three skin concerns our clients struggle with is …
🥁🥁🥁Open Pores!

Truth is you can’t eliminate them BUT we can help you make them appears so much smaller.
Enlarged pores are stubborn skin concern.

And I feel your pain – I’ve tried everything to get rid of them only to find most didn’t work or worse…

However help is at hand!
Consistently using the right ingredients helps minimise these issues.
But works and what doesn’t?🙄🙄🙄
There are things to avoid …

Don’t use bar soaps -ingredients keeping bar soap it in its solid form can clog pores. Also soaps tend  to be alkaline and this causes mayhem on your acidic skin.
Avoid harsh scrubs –You can’t scrub away open and scrubs with micro plastics and nut kernels can cause tiny tears in your skin which may cause further inflammation.
Don’t sleep with your makeup on. Leaving on your makeup or not removing completely can make clogged pores worse which can lead to acne and break out.
And things to embrace…

✅Cleanse your skin morning and night (and twice at night if you wear makeup). A well formulated cleanser helps maintain a healthy acidic pH level reducing the risk of increasing unwanted oil flow.

✅Exfoliate with a completely non-abrasive, leave-on liquid exfoliant such as Salycilic Acid (BHA) to shed built up surface dead skin.

Your dead skin cells can gather in your pore, stretching it out, and risk turning into a blackhead. YUCK

And the beauty of BHAs is that it exfoliates inside the pore, helping to return your pore to its normal shape.  BHAs are a wonder ingredient and it’s amazing how well this works. Our Ultra Smoothing Pore Minimiser contains blend of powerful ingredients:  that include BHAs and Niacinamide…

✅Use products loaded with niacinamide. Once a pore stretched niacinamide can help provide a “tightened-up” look by boosting skin’s healthy natural quality. Our Ultra B2 Serum contains both niacinamide and D Panthenol – the two best Bs to help hydrate and repair skin.

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